Tuesday, November 01, 2011

H-A-double L-O-W-double E-N Spells HALLOWEEN!

As I turned the calendar to November this morning, I found it hard to believe! It is amazing how some days or weeks seem really long, but as a whole, life really moves very quickly!

Isabella and Ava hanging out in their Halloween jams.
We spent our Halloween morning visiting our friends at their new house.

I went to work briefly in the late afternoon. When I got home Isabella and Michael were on the porch passing out candy. Isabella had a blue mouth- the tell-tale sign of the M&M's her dad was slipping to her, each one followed with "Mo!" "Mo!". She's got telling us more down...we are working on please, but not there yet. She'll get there. :)

I had mixed up some sugar cookie mix during her nap, so it would be ready to make cookies when I got home. She helped me roll out and cut a few of them, in her costume and all.

I'm so excited to be starting our family traditions, to be making memories, and shaping her childhood with what I hope is a lot of love, fun, and warmth in our home.

My parents came over with hideaway, sonic drinks, and chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva (amen).
We passed out all of our candy and could have given away more. Now we know for next year.
After we put Isabella to bed, Michael and I watched Hocus Pocus. A silly Halloween movie that I used to watch with one of my friends growing up.

Happy Halloween!

I found a cupcake costume on sale for $6 in Isabella's size for next year, and pinned a very cute owl costume tutorial on pinterest. Oh, the options for dressing up!

October was really fun, but very busy. November is going to start off busy, but I hope to create some more room for still as the month goes on. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite holidays. (They are all my favorite, but some are a little more favorite).
Happy 11-1-11!

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  1. your cookies look yummy! i found the same jammies ava's wearing for elle at jbf and she loves them! i love that pic of them on the chair.