Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Snapshots

I am linking up with the starfish blog for a week of Summer snapshots. I forgot to get pictures of some things we did, so here is some of our week in pictures:

Wednesday 6/22- We had church outside in the park with ice cream bars.

Thursday 6/23- Thursday night we went to the twilight swim with friends.

Friday 6/24- We played at home in the morning before heading to Dallas to see my best friend. Isabella got an amber teething necklace in the mail from her Nana!

Saturday 6/25- Worn out from swimming with Hayli.

Monday 6/27- Beating the heat inside at the library reading a book.

Tuesday 6/28- We headed east to a local farm to stock up on sweet corn. Later we had lunch with friends.
Happy Summer!

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  1. These are so sweet!! Your little girl is adorable!!! Thanks so much for linking up this week! xoxo Amber