Sunday, June 19, 2011

No doubts

I do not doubt that I married the right man for me. The boy I shared my high school days with and now the man I'm sharing parenting days with, is still the one for me. But you have no way of completely knowing what kind of parent your spouse will be until that day comes. The older we have become I have seen him grow into a more patient and less impulsive man, than the boy that avenged me by super-gluing plastic placemats on a ex's car. (Minus the time he broke into our house...but I suppose that was with good reason!)

I started seeing glimpses along the way as we started this journey. His excitement when we found out we were pregnant. His love and care making food I could tolerate, holding my hair back over the toilet, cleaning up the aftermath during those very sick days. When he wore pink to our ultrasound...because he "just knew".
And then on September 23rd when we spent the day in the hospital, he exhibited his strength and patience again and again. And late that night when I watched him hold our baby in his arms...and oversee everything that was done to her, I saw him become a Daddy.

If I had a quarter for every time since he has said "She is just perfect", "I just love her so much", etc. we would be rich. I have loved standing over her crib hearing his prayers for her. I have loved watching bath time and how much fun he has with her. I have loved watching them dance around the living room to "their" playlist.

Friday when he left for work, he stood at the door staring at us playing on the floor and said nostalgically, "Annaleise, these days with her are going by so fast...soak up every moment". I have needed his perspective when I've had a day of spit up, screaming, fussing, teething, etc. The days are flying, and I'm glad to have no doubts that my little girl has the best daddy. I have been blessed with a father who has left an eternal imprint on my life of his faith, love, and patient spirit. I am happy that Isabella will have the same!

Playing after dinner on father's day

After bath cuddles.

Isabella, I hope you know you have the most fun-loving, prayer warrior Daddy who is so in love with you! We are so blessed! Happy father's day!

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