Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer lovin' had me a blast...

Love, love Meg's Summer list found here. Seems like her list is popping up on several blogs I read. Great ideas of things to do with kids. Love the chalkboard and colors!

I love making lists, doing fun things, and making memories, and her list got me excited for all of the fun I will have with Isabella some Summer. But for now I am relishing our simple list of reading as much as we can, enjoying our morning play times, using our zoo pass, and swimming as much as we can.

Intently playing yesterday.


I asked Michael if there was anything special he would like to do for father's day. He said he would love to go to a movie. We rarely go to the movies these days, so it is a special treat. We went out to dinner, then home to put lovey to bed. My cousin kindly sat at our house while we went off to the movies and our baby slept. I had to text just once during the movie to see if everything was OK, and was relieved to get a "not a peep" text back. Other than the movie, my favorite thing about going to the movies in the Summer is when you exit the theater and the exchange from freezing to heat. It reminds me of youth group days and all the movies we saw in the Summer.

#25 on my 30 before 30 list: "grow herbs". We picked some up at the farmers market a few weekends ago and I just potted them today. I just got basil and cilantro. I was tempted by the rosemary and oregano, but I decided to go with two I knew we would use. I will be using the basil to make Oprah's favorite grilled cheese, and one of mine too. Although, I just use one type of cheese, whatever we have on hand. I'm not quite that fancy!

Zoo fun

Deep in thought- or melting in the triple digit heat.

First time to play in the water at the zoo

She liked it!

Chomping rocks.
She almost gave me a heart attack when she found a small rock and clamped it down in her mouth before I could get it out of her hand. Thank you Katie for pulling the rock from her mouth as I was stunned and trying to recall how to perform the Heimlich on an infant!

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  1. you're welcome! now I've got Grease songs stuck in my head :)