Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Traditions and family time

Isabella had her first annual Santa picture with my mom!

Here she is waiting in line to see Santa. (Northpark mall has a great set up, short lines, AND the money goes to charity.)

The hand off from dad to far so good...

She was not impressed with our efforts to get her attention or make her smile- but at least this year's picture did not involve screaming as it might in the years to come.

Isabella also got to join us for her first family breakfast at Chick-fila-A. We love breakfast there and a new one just opened 3 miles from our house. Michael snapped these sweet pictures of her while we were there.

She is very smiley these days- when she is happy. We love her toothless grin! (Even thought daddy says it makes her look like the stay puft marshmallow man!)


  1. I LOVE that toothless grin!
    And your holiday home tour was lovely! You have plenty of Christmas decor - what's Michael talking about ;)

  2. I love the toothless grin too! That's one reason I'm dreading these teeth coming in - I love seeing that big gummy smile every morning! LOVE the pic of Isabella w/her tongue sticking out. Too cute!