Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First Christmas

I did a terrible job of documenting Isabella at our various Christmas gatherings. I will have to see what pictures other family members have. We had a wonderful Christmas!
Michael and I actually waited this year until Christmas morning to open our gifts- which was fun. We enjoyed a quiet morning in our home. We opened our gifts, ate cinnamon rolls, and waited for Isabella to wake up. (I did open my card and earrings in Isabella's room standing over her crib while she was sleeping because Michael didn't want her to miss out since it was from her too.) ;)
She was too sweet when we got her out of bed that morning...smiling and cooing. Melts my heart!

Isabella "opening" her gift

With her stocking at my Mom's.

We enjoyed time with our families and received so many great gifts. Of course the greatest gift this year is Isabella Grace. We still have two family Christmas gatherings to go! We are so blessed! Hope you all were able to enjoy good food, great fun, and time with your loved ones!

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