Monday, December 13, 2010

Makings of a great night

1. Husband comes home from work early bearing a vanilla coke for me.
2. Husband rocks baby to sleep.
3. I get to have an hour of uninterrupted time in the kitchen chopping, sautéing, and steaming a real meal for us while sipping my vanilla coke like a fine wine.
4. Sit down at the dinner table to eat a meal that takes me back to my mother's table, comforts my spirit, and my husband proclaims it is "wicked good"; all the while our sweet baby plays happily on her floor gym.
5. Make hot chocolate with a york peppermint patty melted in it.
6. Load up baby and hot chocolate for our annual family drive around the Nichols Hills neighborhood to look at Christmas lights.
7. Baby is so overjoyed to be along for the family tradition that she falls asleep and sleeps peacefully for the next 14 hours.

(OK so that last part is made can't all be perfect)

We don't typically have nights at home together except for the weekend, so this was a rare jewel to share together. I am looking forward to Michael being off work and out of school for the next few weeks. Not every night can be peaceful and fun...many nights involve work, school, a crying baby, and fast and simple meals with one of us eating while the other holds Izzy. But that is just life. I'll take the mundane parts along with the special times. They are all apart of the life and memories our family is creating.


  1. ha ha....too cute...when she is a teen she will want to sleep 14 hours but probably not until then~

  2. Um, that hot chocolate sounds amazing! Sounds like a lovely evening as well. Glad you had a good one!!!