Thursday, October 28, 2010


Update to this post: I had an appointment with Ann, my midwife, this week and she went over the report of the ultra sound with me. Apparently there are 4 nodules on my thyroid. I had thought there was just two. She showed me the different measurements for the sizes of them. There is one larger one but it came back looking normal. According to the report one of the smaller ones "looks suspicious" and needs to be followed up with a biopsy. The biopsy has been scheduled for November 9th. It will be a fine needle biopsy , where they will insert a needle into the nodule and pull out some cells to run tests on. She said they may biopsy all four while they are doing it, or just the one they are concerned about. I hate needles of all kinds, no matter how "fine" they are, and would appreciate prayers for this procedure.

This was also my last follow up appointment with Ann. She will be retiring this year. We said goodbye and she gave me a big hug. I am really sad she won't be able to deliver any future children we have, but feel so blessed she was apart of our journey into parenthood.

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  1. I hope everything turns out perfectly fine!
    And I will certainly pray for your needle experience...eek! I also do NOT like needles and that sounds not fun.