Saturday, October 23, 2010

One Month

You are one month today! Daddy and I can hardly believe it!
When they first laid you on my chest in the hospital I couldn't believe how perfect you were. I had prayed so much for you and for your health, and so many prayers were answered in that instant. You have brought so much joy into our lives in this short time. We have spent the last month getting to know you and trying to figure out this whole parenthood thing. Between Daddy and I you have been called lots of names- Isabella, Izzy, Izzy-G, Gracie, Izzy Bear, Sweet Girl, I-Mitch- hopefully you will know what your real name is!

You still like to nap on our chests with your feet tucked up in the frog position. I love napping with you like this too. It reminds me of how you were tucked up in my tummy when I was pregnant with you. I hold you a lot and know some times I should put you down for your naps and do other things. But you will only be this little for a short time. When I was pregnant you had the hiccups every day the last several weeks and you still get the hiccups every day now.

You love bath time with your daddy, and baths seem to calm you. Daddy has been so great with taking care of you and me. He changed all of your diapers while we were in the hospital and lots still after we came home. He loves giving you baths, and rocking you on his chest. He is very sweet with you when you are screaming and made a play list of music for you. He dances with you in the living room and flies you around. He is completely in love with you. He was so sad to go back to work after his time at home with us. He was an awesome labor partner with me in the hospital and has been so kind during times when I have been having a hard time this last month.

You spent your one month birthday with Mimi, Aunt Flower, and me at Affair of the heart. Usually we can be in and out of there in 3-4 hours. But this time we were there for 6 hours and didn't make it through all of the buildings. You did so great. You slept the whole time snuggled up in the sling with me, other than when you ate and had your diaper changed.

You have such sweet smiles while you are sleeping and we are looking forward to when you will smile when you recognize us.

Daddy and I think you are so beautiful. We are always telling you this. I wish I could protect you from the harshness that comes in life at times. Some day, people may make fun of things about you or say mean things that hurt your feelings. I wish during those times you could see yourself how I see you. I love your bright eyes, your perfect lips, and sweet smiles. We pray for you now and for your future.
Our life has changed so much with you in it and we love having you here with us.
Love you sweet girl,

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  1. You forgot Sister...I’ve heard you call her that several times too!