Sunday, October 17, 2010

Parts of our week in pictures

Week Three:

We were both sad for Michael to return to work this past week. Isabella wore her 'I love Daddy' onesie in honor of him his first day back to work even though it is too big for her.

We went on a walk one afternoon.

We had lunch with Heather and Ava. The girls could hardly stand the excitement!

We rocked and held hands.

Had a bath

Cheered on the Sooners

They made so many touchdowns she got really bored with it.

We had a good week and had visits from special friends every day. I still just stare at her and can't believe I have a baby. But when I wake up at 3AM to feed her it feels very real! :)


  1. I LOVE IT!! Thank you for helping to keep me caught up through pictures!!

  2. ah love their picture together! and holding baby hands is still my favorite too!