Friday, October 22, 2010

Life these days

I had to be gone for a little while this week to see a client at work for a final session I was supposed to see the day I ended up being induced. Even though I feel good leaving Isabella with Michael, I still hate being gone. Michael snapped this picture of us after I got home and needed to love on my baby girl for a while.

Michael was home with us today for his day of fall break. It was so great to have him home with us. We had planned to go to a pumpkin patch, but decided not to since it rained all day. Instead, we ran several errands I had been wanting to do, and went and got this sling I had been wanting. Here is Michael modeling it..."Look no hands he is saying".

Izzy fell asleep in it.

We also had her 1 month well baby check today. She is up to 9lbs 3 oz, and the Dr. said she looked great. She had to have one shot, which I hated, but she just screamed for less than a minute.

Life sure is different these days. Typically are really busy (probably too busy), have lots of plans, and on the go a lot. But these days we are home a lot, and our cash envelope for eating out/entertainment has not got the use it normally does. Tonight we had leftovers for dinner and then walked to the blockbuster by our house with Izzy in her stroller...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Going anywhere by myself with her still feels like a bit of an ordeal, and the few times that I have been gone from her I am so anxious to get back. I *think* I am beginning to adjust to the lack of sleep...somewhat. :) I am loving being a mom and staying home with her. Some days I accomplish a lot and other days the only thing that gets accomplished is feeding and rocking my baby- which is just fine with me. The days and nights have flown by, and I can't believe tomorrow she will be one month old! Even with the difficult parts, I know this time while she is so little and needs so much from me will be gone before we know it and I cherish it so much!

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