Monday, February 18, 2008

Last week's project...



We painted our upstairs room red this past week. At first I thought we had made a horrible mistake, but 3-4 coats later I am happy with it. The lighting in these pictures makes it difficult to tell what the true color looks like. We messed up our white trim, but I think we will take a break and work on that later. We started using rollers to paint, then from Kate's recommendation moved to these pads. They were awesome! "I will never roll again" (spoken like Buttercup on the princess bride when she claims: I will never love again!) My mom came over and helped me make the curtains to fit the window on my sewing machine. (One of my 08 goals if you recall!)I am thinking about painting the closet doors black. Please comment yes or no to black doors (or maybe white..hmmm).


  1. I love it. I can't see any streaks (and Luke can atest to the fact that most of my projects end with "and if anyone notices they have to go home, or fix the problem they notice).

    I am totally loving the black and white accents too! The curtains are awesome. Did you buy them and trim or was it fabric?

    My thoughts on the closet door-- straight black might look like a black hole. What about white to match the trim with shiny black knobs?

  2. The curtain was a long panel curtain and it was just cut in half and made into two smaller ones. So it was really easy. I like your idea for the doors!

  3. Anonymous10:07 PM

    I wish I was that brave with color, and good visions for my room. It really looks good. AA

  4. wow, that room looks so great!! I agree with Kate, maybe go for white so it will go with Trim, of course I love Black and red together, what a great choice!

    Heather A.

  5. Leise- Your room looks awesome. Hayli and I love it. Totally imprssed with your domestic curtain making. I am undecided about the doors. I kind of like them the color they are- but agree with Kate's comment about black. love you heaps- Heidi

  6. I kind of like the doors how they are - they pull the couches into the room better. But painting them white with black knobs is not a bad idea. I would not paint them black.

  7. Anonymous9:19 PM

    What if you paint the vertical strips around slats black, leave the horizontal slats natural and put red knobs on the doors?

    I love the rest of it! You need to come over and give me some decorating tips (as you know all my walls are white so I have a blank canvass)