Monday, February 25, 2008

We're going on the subscription only plan

AM will be starting a new job in the foreseeable future in a profession (Marriage & Family Therapy/Mental Health) where having all of our life blogged out in public on the WWW where any of her clients who are looking for it can find it is probably not the best idea for us anymore.

So... on March 5th "AM & MM's Adventures in Life" is going to the subscription only plan.

If any of you, our faithful readers, would like to continue being able to access this blog, please post a comment that contains your email and we'll add you to our "subscriber" list. If you're not thrilled about leaving your email address in a comment on our blog, send one of us an email and we'll add you that way.

We know this is going to cause us to lose some of you. We don't know your name, but we know who you are. We have analytics on this bad boy and we see you coming to our site each day from a myriad of different links, web browsers, geographic locations, and Google searches. You know who you are, you creeper you. Don't worry or be embarrassed though, we're probably creeping on you too. If you all of the sudden decided to make your blog subscription only, you know we'd probably subscribe.

If giving up the guilty pleasure of anonymously creeping on our blog is too much to ask for the insignificant return on investment that reading it provides you, then in the words of those Budweiser commercials (imagine someone singing)... WE SALUTE YOU MR. (OR MRS.) ANONYMOUS BLOG CREEPER! It's been a fun ride.

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