Thursday, January 03, 2008

MM's Goals for 2008

I have several things I want to accomplish in 2008, but I don't want to jinx any of them by calling them resolutions. I don't resolve to do any of them, but in an ideal 2008, I would accomplish most of the things on the list that follows.

1. I've never run in a road race before and in 2008, I'd like to run a 10k (possibly the Red Bud Classic). I've already started training this past week and I'm almost complete with week one of four of this running plan to get me to where I can comfortably run 2 miles. Once I'm able to run 2 miles comfortably, I will use that distance as a base to start from toward my goal of a 6.2 mile road race. I've decided that this whole running thing, though challenging, is more mental than physical.

2. Now that AM has finished grad school and will be working full time, I would like to make 2008 the year that we reduce our student loan debt by 50%.

3. I would like to use my mind, my time, and my dime to make a positive impact on an organization that is making a positive impact on society or in the lives of others.

4. I would like to better organize my private world and be more deliberate about my relationship with God.

5. I would like to permanently evict Scrat from our attic. Scrat is the squirrel (at least we think he's a squirrel) that has been living in our attic since we moved into our home almost two years ago. The problem with having a squirrel in your attic is not so much the damage that it does, although I hear that they can do A LOT of damage. The problem with having a squirrel in your attic is that squirrels like to run around, scratch things, and play a lot which (believe it or not) is pretty noisy. Add that to the fact that Scrat's favorite play area is the attic space above our bedroom and that he is no respecter of our sleeping schedules and you have a sure fire recipe for moments of insanity. I've lost count of the number of times I've stood up in bed at 5 or 6 in the morning to bang on the wall and ceiling above our bed in hopes that my banging would scare Scrat away. Most times, the initial scare of the loud pounding causes a momentary lapse in Scrat's activities; however, it usually only takes a few minutes for him to start feeling safe again and resume his playful activities. Luckily I've found a company that for a mere $200, will rid your attic of squirrels and other critters, discover and eliminate their point of entry into your attic, and seal the deal with a money-back guarantee if the problem returns. Their secret weapon? Digger the Critter Dog who valiantly seeks out hidden critter hiding spots in even the most expansive of attics. Scrat beware... your days are numbered.

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  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Let us know how that squirrel eradication goes!