Monday, January 21, 2008

100 things about AM

1. I am looking forward to summer
2. I love the beach and wish I was going there soon
3. I wish I was going anywhere soon.
4. I love to travel
5. Some of my favorite places are Sydney, Venice, and the Bahamas
6. I want to travel to New York, the Grand Canyon, Greece, Tahiti, Hawaii, the Redwood Forrest, and Yellowstone and on and on…
7. I always like coming home too
8. I like my house to be clean and organized (and no that doesn't mean it always is)
9. I love my swiferjet and feel satisfaction when the cleaning pad is black (ew, perhaps that means I need to use it more often!)
10. I am trying to declutter and organize my house this year…simplifying my life and home
11. I have been home a lot more lately
12. I spent the last week not going to school or working at a job for the first time in forever!
13. It was great. I visited friends, spent time with family, read, did nothing, and cleaned...
14. I need to find a job.
15. I am attempting to not stress about this
16. I am getting asked a lot about jobs… and kids
17. I love children
18. I want to have my own children and I am excited about having them
19. But I will be waiting (see #14, I have no health insurance)
20. We have even talked about when we want to have children and we both get teary eyed with joy
21. Please don't ask when, this is awkward
22. I feel like a bad person to be bothered by the comments people make
23. We are very blessed with friends and family that care about us and what is going on in our lives
24. I am close to my family.
25. I am blessed with great in-laws
26. I am having a man come and tune my piano today
27. I don't like being home alone with people doing stuff in my house (see #66)
28. But, I am excited about having it done
29. I am reading a book about beliefs and how the beliefs people have about themselves and the world influences them
30. It is one of the few therapy/ theory books I have read by choice (without being told in a syllabus I have to for a grade)
31. This is exciting to me!!
32. If I could get every parent I see in counseling to read a book it would be: Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child, by John Gottman; I love this book! If you are a parent, grandparent, caregiver, hope to be a parent, are ever around children (you get the idea) please ask me if you can borrow this book, borrow it from the library, or buy it! I think this book is great for parenting but also translates well to relationships in general. It is not expensive and a very easy read. Ok- I’m done. (Luckily I have spared you from the other parenting and marriage books I recommend).
33. I am also currently reading a book about being resilient, the man who wrote this book is a runner
34. I would have called myself a runner in the past
35. I am trying to run again
36. Michael has been running too
37. I love Michael
38. It is so fun being married to your best friend...I highly recommend it
39. I often feel unsure about having a blog, not knowing who is reading it, and how much I want to say about myself and our life
40. I am wondering then, on this note, why I am writing 100 things about myself on my blog for people to read
41. I guess because Michael said he thought it would be fun
42. I am thinking about having fun
43. I like to travel for fun
44. I like to spend time with my friends and family
45. I like to watch movies
46. We saw Juno a while ago
47. I loved it; I laughed out loud and cried some too
48. We had a movie gift card when we went to see that movie
49. I like gift cards
50. I like to shop for fun too whether I buy anything or not (any kind of shopping…grocery store, mall, whatever)
51. I like shopping with my mom
52. I like shopping alone just to be out and walk and think
53. But I have been reading this blog lately and been inspired:
54. I like to scrapbook
55. My scrapbooking is way behind
56. I am hoping to catch up this year
57. I planted tulip and daffodil bulbs this fall…I can’t wait to see them bloom!
58. I really can’t say enough about how much I like chocolate and most other deserts
59. I typically don’t agree when people say "this is too rich I can’t finish this…"
60. I like cherry dr. peppers
61. I said I would stop drinking Dr. P when I finished grad school…but I don’t want to
62. Maybe I will quit after the licensing exam… ;)
63. I love Chai tea lattes (but not from starbucks)
64. I like to have people over for parties, dinner, or just to hang out
65. I am happy I can do this more now that I have more free evenings
66. I have a CRRRRazy imagination
67. I sometimes can imagine an entire horror movie happening to me in 30 seconds time (but don’t worry I have a plan, if they come in the front door I will hear them from the bells that are on the door handle, I will then jump out of bed and pull Michael out (of course the adrenaline rush will allow me to do this), then put the top mattress in front of the bedroom door so the bullets can’t get us, then pry open our 50 year old window and run through the backyard to the neighbors’ backyard (because clearly we couldn’t go to our front yard because they might have someone waiting), then down the street and around the corner to Jeffrey and Miranda’s house to use the phone. (Why don’t use our own phone in this scenario, you are wondering…please don’t be ridiculous!)
68. I used the last of my Christmas/graduation/birthday money to buy a north face jacket
69. I have wanted one for a really long time
70. It is wind resistant, waterproof, and has a “lifetime warranty”
71. Then the next Sunday at church they were taking up money for people in suffering in Africa
72. I had just bought the dumb NF jacket and had no money to give…I felt like a horrible person
73. Now I think I should have saved all of that money in case I don’t get a job for a while
74. I gave money to a man for “gas” in a parking lot right before Thanksgiving
75. Then I watched him go around and get money from 5 other people and then walk away from the gas station that was right on the corner.
76. I lived in Australia as a child
77. We were 40 minutes from the beach
78. I love Australia and many people there that impacted my families’ and my life
79. My life was hugely influenced by my dad’s grandparents who I didn’t really know. My dad cries pretty much every time he talks about them. Their legacy of faith definitely impacted the direction and path of his life.
80. I love God and probably cannot fully grasp how blessed I am to serve such a faithful God and how much He loves me.
81. I want to raise kids that have a balance of bible knowledge along with relationship with God
82. I have been pondering lately how to go about doing this
83. I collect the city mugs from star bucks this combines my love for travel and hot drinks
84. Michael says I have too many and asked if I would get rid of some. I asked him if he wanted to get rid of some of his hats, and that discussion was quickly over.
85. I love music
86. I have tons of favorites…but a few are Sarah McLaughlin, Casting Crowns, Colbie Caillat
87. I want to go to the Michael Buble’ concert
88. I really like the movie Return to Me, I still cry every time
89. I also cry at inspiring stories and sometimes commercials
90. I have had 3 root canals…hence the reason I feel like I might have a panic attack anytime I go to the dentist
91. I am quiet sometimes…I don’t know how many people have said to me, I thought you were really shy or snobby and then I got to know you and you are so different than what I thought (um ok thanks, I think that is supposed to be a compliment??)
92. I have tried to learn not to “judge a book by its cover” from my own life experience
93. But I think we all do sometimes even without realizing it
94. I love that we live by Lake Hefner and enjoy taking walks, flying kites, and watching the sunset out by the lake
95. OMG I just told you the proximity of where I live!!
96. I LOVE 24 and liked Alias before it discontinued…I wonder how much impact those shows have on #66
97. One of my all time favorite passages is Lamentations 3:19-25
98. I didn't grow up doing this, but I really have enjoyed getting to go to the lake over the past few years
99. I love breakfast foods and going to zoos
100. There is a lot more to me than just these 100 things! :)

I now tag Luke and Kate, Heather A, (and Amy A, I think this would be a great first blog post!! Think about it!), and anyone else who has some spare time to make this list!


  1. That was fun to read, okay think I'll give it a go.

    Heather A.

  2. Anonymous9:00 PM

    I really enjoyed reading that. I even learned a few things. I especially liked how you combined breakfast food and the zoo. Amy A.

  3. This list makes me miss you.