Sunday, January 13, 2008

And finally...

Family after graduation

Some of the girls from our cohort and our advisor

After 2.5 years my masters is complete. Graduation was on December 14th, (week of Ice Storm 2007 and our displacement with no electricity), my project was finished the week after that, and I still had 10 of my client contact hours to finish. I was off the week of Christmas and my birthday. I finished my last hours the week after Christmas, and then finished all other paperwork and wrapped up the loose ends this past week. WHEW! On Thursday night I had my last supervision in Stillwater, turned in library books, and turned in my keys to the clinic there. As I locked up late Thursday night I had much relief for the ending of late nights and the long commute to Stillwater. At the same time for the last several weeks as things have been coming to a close there has been a hole growing inside of me with the knowledge that I would be leaving a place I have come to love, and people I have closely shared the last few years with. So with mixed feelings I am filled with joy of this accomplishment and some feeling of loss of the things that are changing in my life. Change has always been hard for me- even good changes that I want in my life. I think this is so for me because with change there is loss...sometimes the loss is more painful than at other times, but change always accompanies loss.
I am also reminded of the gifts that can come with change and knowledge that over the next few weeks as I settle in to all of this newness, I have received and experienced a huge gift in the personal growth and friendships I have had over the past years.
So what is next...that seems to be the big question for me these days. Well...I've had several job interviews, and am in the process of applying for licensure (yes that's right, I might have just finished 2.5 years of school, but I have another 2.5 years of working under supervision to be a licensed marriage & family therapist).
Now that I wrapped everything up last week...this is will be my first week with no school or job obligations...for the first time in probably 20 years. So what am I going to do? Enjoy it! :)

Michelle and I at Eskimo Joes

My sister and I

Here it is on really happened!

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