Saturday, December 05, 2015

Weekend after Thanksgiving

We had a great weekend following Thanksgiving. We put up Christmas decorations on Friday.

Putting up Isabella's tree in her room.

We usually put up our tree at night, but went ahead and did it earlier in the day because we had plans that night. The kids opened their new Christmas pajamas.

That night we drove to Bristow for the Polar Express train ride.

They had singing chefs that gave out hot chocolate and cookies while we were on our way to the "North Pole".

Ringing her bell from Santa and dancing in the aisle with an Elf.

Isabella said several times this is the BEST. NIGHT. EVER!! While Benjamin was pretty quiet and taking it all in, and I wasn't sure what he was thinking. But when I put him to bed that night he said- "Thank you for train ride Mama. I thankful for polar express." And then my heart exploded just a little. :)

Saturday Mom and I did a cookie decorating class, and it was super fun and so nice to do something creative without having to clean up the mess or have my sweet little ones asking 1000 questions. :)

Then Sunday night we had our annual Mitchell tree decorating/pizza/ new Christmas pjs for the kids/listening to Christmas songs night. Snoopy/peanuts was the theme for the pajamas this year.

It was a full weekend with lots of family and fun time. I was pretty bummed when Monday came around. But as one of my favorite bloggers said, you can't have Mondays without Fridays.

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