Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Doing a little day after Christmas reading. :) He now has this one- A Crack in the Track, pretty much memorized and often plays "crack in the track" with his train set.

Isabella got tickets for Beauty and the Beast for Christmas from my parents. Our show was the day after Christmas. We went to the show in the morning and then out to lunch.

The show was great and we had a fun time together!

We went ahead and celebrated my birthday with our families on the 26th because we weren't sure how bad the weather was going to be the next day with some possible ice coming in. Michael made my favorite chocolate cake and my mom did the rosettes.

Isabella hiding from the candles in fear. Thank you fire safety day at school!

Birthday pancakes on my actual birthday! 

And on the 28th we were racing around to run errands and get packed up to go on our Disney trip. Michael's parents had been giving Isabella dollars to save in her Disney bank for about a year and a half. We took them to the bank that morning to get all the dollars exchanged for some larger bills. So fun!

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