Saturday, December 26, 2015

More December fun

 Christmas shopping and lunch before school while little brother was at MDO. 

 We made ornament bird seed feeders for our backyard trees. 

 Making a craft at her Christmas party

 Sara and I took some Christmas pictures of the kids one day after school. 

Peppermint hot chocolate making! We used a recipe from this post. It was so good!!!

 After great disappointment last year and very bad attitudes that the minivan express was not a real train...the minivan express ran again this year and with accurate expectations about what it was and what we would be doing we had a great time looking at Christmas lights.  :)

 Cinnamon rolls for the first day of Christmas break! After breakfast we went downtown to Downtown in December.

 Annual after church Christmas picture

Downtown canal and the Crystal bridge 

 Sugar cookie making

Isabella and I got hair cuts on Christmas eve eve. She loves getting her hair straightened when she gets it cut. She looks so big!!

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