Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas eve and Christmas

 Adding her last part of the beard on her countdown sheet Christmas eve morning.

We went to the movies that morning and saw The Peanuts Movie.

 Christmas treats

We came home for naps and that afternoon went to Mema's house for Christmas with any Mitchells that were in town. Then home for reading time together. They opened one of the last few Christmas books and we read the night before Christmas.

Some Christmas morning excitement!

Benjamin slept in longer than Isabella so she had finished opening her gifts and wanted to oversee him when he woke up and joined us.

Thomas books for the win! 

Playing away in her room Christmas morning and talking non stop.

Christmas breakfast and ornaments for the kids.
Isabella got a gymnast ornament for her first year of gymnastics. Benjamin got a Thomas train ornament that I forgot to take a picture of.

Our family Christmas morning.                                      And later at my Mom's house.

Christmas night we went on a walk in our neighborhood to burn off some energy and see Christmas lights up close. 

One of my favorite gifts! I had seen these snowman hot chocolate marshmallow toppers at sur la table that I really wanted. But when I went to order them, they had sold out. And for Christmas my sister made a box of them for me that she homemade peppermint vanilla marshmallows and made the snowman faces to look just like the ones from sur la table. And my mom got on an email list with the store to be notified if they came back in stock, so I had a box of them from her as well from the store. I felt special that they both worked hard to get something I'd really enjoy. How fun is it to see that happy snowman face in a warm cup!? :)
We had a wonderful Christmas season with lots of family time and fun traditions!

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