Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Quincy Diane

My friend Michelle asked me to take some newborn pictures of her sweet baby Quincy. Newborn sessions can have some challenges and I'm still getting experience with them, but I had fun hanging out and chatting between pictures.

Before Quincy was born Stephen found an old card where Michelle's Mom had written "I love you" and gave it to a company that turns handwriting in to jewelry. And he gave Michelle this bracelet in the hospital when Quincy was born. So, so special.

 Quincy's middle name is Diane, after Michelle's mom. She bought these books for her unborn grandchildren years ago and it has become a tradition for the grandbabies to have their newborn picture taken on the books that their grandmother who loved them without ever getting to know them had bought and saved for them. (cue all the tears)

Welcome to the world Quincy! You are so loved.


  1. These are precious, the one with dad nose to nose with baby is one of my favorites as well baby sleeping on Mom! so beautifully done!

  2. Newborn sessions are difficult, and these are beautiful! Well done! You have mastered your use of light so well--these are so well lit and creamy and lovely! My favorite is the book picture and the closeup on the gold polkadots. Love that these are filled with so much meaning and remembrance. I bet your friends were just thrilled with these!

  3. Great job Annaleise! These are beautiful.