Thursday, September 24, 2015

Celebrating 5

We did birthday pancakes on Isabella's party day because I had something else planned for her birthday morning.

A relighting sparkler candle. She thought that was fun.    Mom's #5 cookies for the party.

Isabella debated for months about what type of party she wanted to have and in the end chose a "Belle/Ariel tea party". 
Fruit wands

 It was her first time to have a "friends" party and she was thrilled.

Love those little bow ties!

She had seen a pinata on Curious George once and ever since had been talking about having one at her party.

Collecting their spoils

There was a lot of friendly beating each other with these punch ball balloons. :)

 When we discussed cakes she said she wanted a half Belle/half Ariel cake. Which left me quite stumped. But my sister came up with a vision and we went with it. I baked and did some of the roses, but Mom did most of the icing.

I was really happy with how it turned out!

They worked together after the party to put together her new lego set.
She loved her party and is already talking about her ideas for the next one. :) 

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