Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Isabella's birthday

 Izzy's actual birthday was on a Wednesday, so we had already had her party the weekend before. But she still had a great day.

I ordered letter donuts for her special day.  And Mimi came over and joined us for breakfast.

She loved them! She chose the 5 and I to eat. 

We made #5 shape cookies for her to take to school that day. After school her good friend from school came over for a play date.  And Nana and Cappy came by with icee's.

I asked her if she could eat anywhere for her birthday dinner or I could make any thing she liked- what would she want? And she chose "taco bells". Seriously?! But yes, and she thought it was great. She had told me a few weeks prior she'd always wanted to try a rootbeer float. So after dinner we went to Roxy's ice cream. They make their own rootbeer and ice cream, so what better place to go?!

It was delicious!

A few days later she had her 5 year well child check. She was 96th percentile in height. My grandma Hartman would be proud of those tall genes! Afterward we went to the cookie shop around the corner and she chose the same pumpkin cookie she has chosen the last three years.

Comparison of years 4 and 5. 

Happy birthday Isabella! You have such a sweet spirit and are full of life and energy! We love you!

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