Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last of the month

We didn't take any pictures as a family on Christmas since we were all unbathed and in pjs the majority of the day.
This picture with Benjamin came up in my time hop from a year ago, so I wanted another one for comparison.


(Isabella is pretty pumped about her gymnastics leotard. It has already been making frequent appearances.)

12/27- We woke up to snow the morning of my birthday!

Michael's birthday pancakes! 

I went to lunch at 501 with my parents, green goodies for cupcakes, and then anthropologie for shopping (dad slept in the car during that part). (I was pretty pumped to be dressed and out of the house after our flu quarantine for several days.) Alan and Paula kept the kids that night so we could go out on a date for dinner. A quiet dinner with just grown ups- so nice! :) 

Michael and Iz did a great job making my cake! 

Benjamin enjoyed his cake and ice cream!

12/30 Bath time with new bath toys

12/30  Lunch at Mama Roja

12/31- New years eve morning- Daylight donuts for breakfast

    I wanted to have a date with Iz while Michael was home. We painted our nails sparkly silver for NYE and went out to the movies. She was so excited when she found out where we were, and was so funny and kind about it. We had a fun time and I was grateful for the rare treat of one on one time with her.

That evening we went to Adelyn's 6th birthday party. Which was really fun since Iz and I missed big Mitchell Christmas we got to see family we missed there.

We went home and got the kids to bed and I made cupcakes for a midnight snack.

The Roberts joined us again this year to ring in the new year.

Cheers! We made it to 2015!! Happy New Year!

We also exchanged our Christmas gifts since we missed Christmas. Heather and I talked a lot about NYC this fall and the things we missed that we had done there past years in the fall. She found these super soft NYC pajamas that have lots of NYC favs. And now we have matching pairs. So fun to have a sleepover with my sister in matching pjs- even in our 30s. :)

Cinnamon rolls, bacon, eggs, and good coffee in the morning.

It's hard to believe another season of holidays and a whole year have wrapped up.
I'm so grateful for Michael's time off work and time for us to be together as a family.

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