Sunday, December 28, 2014

20 months

He LOVES blue blanket

Other random pictures from month 20:


Playing his little heart out

 *photo by Julie Foster Photography

In month 20 he had his 2nd Thanksgiving and Christmas, and lots of fun activities for the holiday season.
He started eating apples really well now that he has more molar teeth to chew them with, and has loved yogurt pouches and gone through a countless number of them. 20 months has also brought several new words- sheep, fish, ball, Nana, bye, shoes, stuck, hat, stop, go, thank you, and cracker. He is getting too tall for some of his 18 month clothes but 2T stuff is too big in the waist still- curse of the Mitchell boy Nana says.
He loves saying goodnight to Izzy at bedtime and giving her a big open mouth kiss. :) He still loves the book Brown bear, brown bear, and this month often wanted to read Little blue truck and a Thomas book with flaps. He also still loves bath time, playing in water, and trains this month. He launched a "ball" that was actually a glass Christmas ball that shattered into pieces and a broke a couple of the other Christmas "balls" that he tried to play with.
Happy twenty months Benjamin! You have such a fun personality with a sneaky, ornery streak! Only four more months til two years!

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