Monday, December 22, 2014

December 14-20

December 14th: The kids had their Christmas program at church this evening

Since there was a microphone right in front of her we could hear all of the funny things she had to say.

Noah was hilarious. He sang with so much feeling. :)

"Let it gooo, let it goooo!"

December 15th: Give two toys away. And go to Michael's work party that evening.

December 16th: Make the cookies for Dad's work and make snow paint.
 Peppermint chocolate crinkles

December 17th: Go buy pajamas to donate for the pajama drive at church and go to Cocoa and carols that evening.

December 18th: Go buy toothpaste for the packages we are making with friends for people in need.

December 19th: Go to north pole city.
The sweet lady that took our picture said she couldn't figure out how to get the phone to not take a blurry picture. ;)
 We had never been to North Pole City before. We listened to Santa tell the first Christmas story and then looked around. Isabella was amazed by all the decorations and the little houses to go inside. She rode the train twice and we got some fudge before heading home.

December 20th: Isabella had a sleepover at my Mom's with her cousins and made a craft and and a lego snowman. When she got home we started on our gingerbread house, but I didn't read the instructions that we would need two hours for it to dry before we decorated it and we didn't have time to finish it before we had to leave for a friends house, so we will finish tomorrow.
 Benjamin got to experience being an only child for a day while Iz was gone and got to have full reign of the bedtime Christmas book opening. I've had to move our bucket of books, after he kept trying to unwrap them all.

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