Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Delights and Progress toward 30 B4 30

I spent a good part of Saturday working around the house and on my 30 before 30 goal of purging our home of stuff we don't need.

Here is round one of "the purge". I would say I made good progress! We got rid of shoes, clothes, blankets, towels, some decor we don't use anymore, purses, and lots more! We took a load to Goodwill and the rest to our church for the garage sale we're having for Mexico missions.

My sister dropped by with this happy present for me. (Happy present is what my mom calls unexpected fun gifts at times that are not birthdays, Christmas, etc. The phrase "I've got a happy present for you" is always a good one in our family!) Cozy socks packaged like a cupcake! So cute! I hated to open them, but it would be silly not to.

Our friends asked us to trade a date night with them and we had ours this weekend.

Here we are: A couple of young, crazy kids; Me looking tired as usual...
We wanted to try a place we haven't been before. So we headed over to Big Truck Tacos.

Michael had the Thunder burrito and I had the chicken burrito and we ordered a side of queso. THE GOOD: The queso and chips were INCREDIBLE... some of the best we've had in long time. Both of our burritos were good, but the chicken in mine was a bit spicy for my taste. Michael's had ground bison meat in it which was a bit different, but he said the taste was good. It also had fried potatoes and he is a huge fan of potatoes in burritos so that was great for him. Michael, who is our resident salsa expert, also said the regular red salsa and the tomatillo salsa were both amazingly delicious. THE BAD: Portion sizes. Our burritos were WAY TOO BIG. Next time, we will probably try their tacos. Although the regular red salsa and the tomatillo were great, Michael tried a healthy glob of each of the other four salsas and we are lucky he has his taste buds today. I thought I was going to have to use a fire extinguisher at one point. THE CONCLUSION: The chips and queso were great. The burritos were good, though a bit big. The two milder salsas were legit and flavorful. Next time we'll get tacos or share a burrito and do not... I repeat DO NOT try the other salsas in large amounts... a single dab will do just fine for each.
YAY for our 2nd of 10 new restaurants!

Next on to Pinkitzel for dessert and good conversation.

Sunday was busy with church, naps, a men's ministry meeting for Michael, more church, grocery shopping...the usual. We capped off our night with trying this Frozen hot chocolate mix I got at Christmas.

It was delicious and tasted just like I remember at Serendipity.

I love a weekend full of productivity, relaxation, family time, staying in pajamas all day, and yummy food!

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