Sunday, January 09, 2011

30 before 30 list

So I have been working on my 30 before 30 list for a couple of weeks now, but I keep hesitating to finalize it or share it. Why? I may be over analyzing a little...shocking, I know. I keep thinking are these really THE 30 things I want to do this year? Are there others?

So here is the deal- the list is just for fun, I may change it, and if I don't finish them all this year- no big deal. :) Here goes:

1. Host a meal exchange (Everyone makes a frozen meal for however many people are coming, every exchanges and goes home with that many meals to have ready in their freezer. Let me know if you are interested!)

2. Try 10 new restaurants

3. Plant bushes/roses/flowers/ground cover (ANYTHING) in the flower bed under Izzy’s window (It is an eyesore every time I look at it!)

4. Make curtains for the dining room window. We have some, but they are the same color as the walls and I want some more color. I have never seen any I like to buy, so figure I should make some. (And when I say "make" I mean have my mom come over and help me make them!:)

5. Play with my daughter in the ocean

6. Travel to a new place (Could be in the state or out of state)

7. Read 30 books

8. Memorize 24 scriptures

9. Loose 20 lbs

10. Run a 5K

11. Get on at least 4 insurance boards and 1 EAP as a therapy provider

12. Make my own baby food (My friend raves about her baby food maker that I have been eying. But such a hefty price tag!)

13. Take a cooking class

14. Begin saving for a trip to Greece for our 10 year anniversary. (Even if we don't have the money by our 10th- to have begun saving for it.)

15. Successfully cook a roast (By successfully I mean not dry)

16. Complete Isabella’s baby book through year 1

17. Enjoy a family picnic

18. Go see the Yukon Christmas lights

19. Watch fireworks

20. Watch the sun rise over the ocean

21. Give my time to a cause

22. Donate money to a good work

23. Purge our home of stuff we don’t need

24. Buy fresh peaches and have my Mom teach me to make her peach cobbler with a lattice top

25. Grow my own herbs

26. Send letters & business cards out about my private practice

27. Do a random act of kindness for a stranger

28. Go a month with no soda (I have picked January to do this, so here is to day 9 of no soda)

29. Plan and host an adorable 1st birthday party (I am counting on my sister and mom's help with this)

30. Go through the boxes in our garage and decide what I want to keep and give away

So there you have it. Nothing crazy extravagant. No bull riding, skydiving, or hot air balloon rides. Just things I enjoy, that make me happy, and things I have been putting off that I want to accomplish. (Mom you had no idea you would have to work so hard for me to turn 30!) I will update as I make progress or finish something on the list. Happy 2011 and last year of my Twenties!


  1. Like! Wish I'd thought to do something like I'm almost to the point of having to do "40 by 40"! :-D

    Good ideas though, and I'm definitely interested in the dinner exchange.

  2. yes sign me up for the dinner exchange. playing in the ocean with my daughter is also on my list this year and of course the first birthday party to be as memorable and precious as the baby girl we are celebrating. here's to a wonerful 2011!

  3. Ohhh, I love your list! And I'm in for the dinner exchange too! :)

  4. I'm in on the food exchange!
    AND making kitchen curtains together!