Monday, January 10, 2011

30 things project- One restaurant down!

I got the idea of the 30 before 30 list from a blog I read where the girl had done a 25 before 25 list, then 26 before 26, and was working on her 27 before 27 list. The lists were a mix of fun things, relational things, personal growth, house projects, etc. It looked like a fun idea to me. But I was disappointed to read her post as she was wrapping up her 27th year and she stated she did not accomplish much on the list, which made her frustrated and disappointed in herself, and there would be no more lists.

Which I suppose contributed to my hesitation with my list. I didn't want something that is supposed to be for fun to turn out to be something that was like an albatross around my neck. I can take things too seriously at times and really I just wanted the list to be a reminder of fun things I want to do and things I really would like to accomplish this year. If I don't get them all crossed off I have not "failed" this year. There will be many other things I will do this year that are even more significant- such as daily taking care of my baby.

Anyway- I have tried my first new restaurant! It was Lee's Sandwiches. Michael loves Lee's and has been there many times with friends for lunch, but I have never been. We had a groupon there and Michael was off work, so off we went. You order at a counter, then sit at a table until your number is called. I got a turkey croissant sandwich and a crab rangoon. I thought the sandwich was just fine, nothing special about it. Michael says their Asian sandwiches are best. The Asian sandwiches are very cheap, just a little over $2, but I was not feeling adventurous this day. If you are looking for cheap, decent food or Asian sandwiches- head over to Lee's. But you will probably find me at City Bites, Charley's Steakery, or Schlotzsky's!

9 more new places to try!

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