Friday, March 12, 2010

Where have we been?

I think most people have heard our news that we are looking forward to meeting our sweet baby in late September! Sorry for the drop off in blog posts, but over the last two months I have been trying to survive this first trimester and blogging has not been a big priority! Next week marks week 12, and I hoping what everyone has told me that I will start feeling much better soon after.

I think this was the third test I took (had to be sure). Next time I will always buy the pregnant/not pregnant kind instead of having to decipher those lines! We had gone out for dinner and a movie with my father in law, who was in town visiting from Germany. We went to wal-mart late and bought a test, and on the way home I became so sick and nauseous I couldn't stand or keep my eyes open. So I just went to bed. I got up in the middle of the night and took the test and then went running in to wake Michael up. He was a bit disoriented at first, but really excited.

We told our families very early on, because Michael was dying to tell his dad in person while he was still in America. We told Michael's mom on skype after that so his dad would be able to talk to her. She was so happy! I tried to think of a quick creative way to tell my parents. We went over there a few days later with these cupcakes.

They were so surprised and happy. My dad said a sweet prayer over us.

Since then the time seems to have flown by. Waiting for that first doctors appointment seemed like an eternity, but it is already time for my next one this week. The two biggest questions seem to be 'how are you feeling?' and 'are you excited?'. Well, of course, we are so excited and couldn't be happier as we had prayed for this child. Some days I have felt fine and normal. Many days I have been so sick, nauseous, and throwing up constantly that I can't leave my house. Many of those days in a row leave me feeling really discouraged and down. I didn't want to, but eventually got some medication to help, (after throwing up so much there was some blood). Most of the time that helps, but this last week nothing seems to be helping. At times, I have had to miss out on some of the fun things we have had planned, but I know in the end it will be worth it. Michael has been so wonderful through all of this. I have not cooked one meal over the last two months as the thought and smell of most food sends my gag reflux to work. When he has been home, he has come to the bathroom with me and held my hair back while I loose everything and not complained about the smell or the grossness of that whole situation! Anyway- enough about that! :)

Here is the baby at 8 weeks. I'm sure now it looks even more human like and less like a gummy bear. It was so incredible to hear its wild heartbeat so early on. I loved it! Please pray for us as we continue on this journey!
Hopefully I will be coming back to life soon and updating more often! I can't believe it is March already!


  1. so happy for you! hope the second trimester is less pukey!!

  2. Hi baby mitchell! Can't wait to meet you and for our little Ava to get to play with you. Your parent's are very special friends and so fun we are having out first babies during the same year!! I do hope your mom gets to feel better soon!!

  3. Wonderful news Michael and Annaleise. So thrilled for you guys. I hope you start feeling better really soon. What a wonderful journey you are on. God's richest blessings on all three of you.
    Nicole for the Whaleys