Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Hallo-Mas

Driving home last night through the shopping center by my house I noticed...the trees were lit up with Christmas lights and there were Christmas decorations hanging on the light poles. What day is it?! I really can't believe November is almost here. This year seems to have flown by.

Speaking of Christmas...I got our stockings in the mail today. I had wanted to get them last year, and I kept waiting for them to go on sale, they never did, and then they sold out. This year they had these that were less than last years, on sale, and had a special with free monogramming and shipping! Perhaps some year I will be crafty and make some for us, but for now I am happy with these!

My sister came by tonight to share some cupcakes she made with us. How cute are these owl cupcakes!! Good job sister! Let's quit our jobs and open a cupcake shop!

We made and decorated some sugar cookies while she was here. I do love holidays!

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