Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Happy October! I thought I would write down a quick list of the things I am grateful for or looking forward to this morning, instead of allowing the shear panic I am feeling about my national licensing exam to really set in.
*the incredible weather
*my fun book club meeting last night
*my shipment of big train chai came in yesterday
*by late tomorrow afternoon I will be finished and can do my fall decorating
*in 2 days we are headed to Dallas for OU/Texas which means fun times away, the Texas State Fair, and family time, (oh and OU football!!)
*in 2 weeks it is affair of the heart
*in 2 months we will be in Rome
*I can get back to trying things for my cooking blog soon
*reading my sept and oct Real Simples and Rachel Ray

Alright I need to get to work! Happy Fall!

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