Thursday, November 01, 2007

One week closer...

I am so relieved to have this week over. (Clinically speaking I am finished on Thursday night). This has been a really difficult week. Sometimes I really have to work to separate myself from listening to things that people experience that are so horrible I don't know how they function in the aftermath. I wish I could be guaranteed that I would never have to make another call to DHS, deal with lawyers, and that every one would be ready to make the life changes they need to. But realistically I know there will be more calls to DHS, hard days, and people who are just not ready to overcome things. Although there are hard times there are also very rewarding times. This week I have definitely appreciated even more serving such a faithful and compassionate God. I have taken refuge in one of my favorite verses this week "Be still and KNOW that I am God" Ps. 46:10. Again and and again God reveals to me in my weakness he is strong and in my darkest hour he is my light.

As of tonight I have made it to 402 out of my 500 hours!!!!!!! Every week I am getting closer to graduation...and more importantly, to my dream. My brother and sister were not always sure what they wanted to be, but I think around 3rd grade I started saying I wanted to be a counselor. Other than being a weird kid, (I mean I did want to be a walmart cashier too because I thought it was cool to punch numbers on the cash register, but now they have those fancy scanners so that isn't as appealing) I have always known generally what I wanted to do. It is looking like I will have a few weeks to finish up my hours after graduation, but I am planning on walking and finishing before the next semester begins so I don't have to re-enroll. I made a plan this week of what I need to do each week to have my thesis finished before Christmas. I have decided this would be the best Christmas/birthday present I could give myself. Next week when I go to Stillwater I will buy my cap and gown...I am so excited I might sleep in it! :) It is hard to believe I am so close to my dream and so close to officially being a marriage and family therapist.

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  1. Anonymous10:01 AM

    WE are so proud of you! Keep pressing towards the goal you set so early in life (since 3rd grade WOW!). And remember there are many of us out here praying for you; praying for endurance, for hours, for the impact you are having on other lives and praying for a sense of calmness as you face the next few weeks as you focus on your thesis. Love Mom Mitchell