Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"OKC Police arrest alumni relations director"... and it wasn't me.

Someone at work sent me a link to this story that ran in the Edmond Sun today. All I can say is... this is what happens when you get sloppy.
John A. Williams
The Edmond Sun
EDMOND The University of Central Oklahoma’s Executive Director of Alumni Relations was arrested last week on a complaint of shoplifting.

Stacy McNeiland, 36, of Edmond was taken into custody Nov. 5 by the loss prevention officer at the J.C. Penny store at Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City.

According to an Oklahoma City Police report, the loss prevention officer allegedly saw McNeiland enter the store with what appeared to be an empty brown bag.

The officer told police she observed McNeiland allegedly select five items from the women’s department and enter a fitting room. She said McNeiland allegedly come out of the fitting room and hung up only four items on the courtesy rack.

The officer said she checked the stall after McNeiland left and allegedly found the discarded tag from one of the blouses she had picked up. According to the police report, McNeiland left the area and went to the fashion jewelry department before exiting.

The loss prevention officer escorted McNeiland back into the store. The police report states the concealed blouse was in the paper bag McNeiland was carrying. She was arrested and taken to the Oklahoma County Jail, the report states.

McNeiland was named to her current position in 2004 after working in the Office of Prospective Student Services/Scholarships.

“She is a longtime dedicated, excellent employee, but is now on paid administrative leave through next Wednesday,” UCO News Bureau Director Charlie Johnson said. “This will allow her time to deal with these allegations and will also allow UCO time to evaluate the situation as the facts become available."

I wonder if it was the pressure of homecoming that got to her?