Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Joey's Cafe

Michael and I enjoy going out for breakfast together. We don't get to do this very often, so perhaps that is part of what we enjoy about it. A couple of weekends ago, before Michael had to catch a flight out of town on a Saturday, we went to Joey's cafe. The breakfast menu was somewhat limited (mostly omelets and pancakes) but I personally think limited can be good when trying to make a decision at a new place. They are open 7-3, so some day we will have to go back for lunch.
Food: The omelets come with fruit or potatoes, pancakes or biscuits. If you like breakfast foods you would enjoy the food.
Atmosphere: The restaurant is small with a warm atmosphere, and quiet (or maybe it is just quiet at 7 AM because everyone else is SLEEPING!!!) It was a great place to catch up in the midst of our busy lives.
Price: The omelets were 6.99 each (same as you would pay at IHOP) and with all the sides we wished we had shared. Great price for portion size!

You should try it out!

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