Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hollywood studios

Our last day we went to Hollywood Studios.

 We walked around and played at the Honey I shrunk the kids playground before we had some fast pass shows.

Snow falling at the Frozen sing along. It was a great show! Benjamin and I headed back after lunch for a nap. I was feeling so worn out. Everyone else stayed for another show.

 After nap we had an evening swim.

 Benjamin went down this big water slide by himself the first day we were there. He still says randomly- "I was brave on the big water slide Mommy!"

 Last day to wear our magic bands! 

 After dinner we went to the campfire sing along with Chip and Dale and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores.

Then we all walked to the beach and watched the fireworks across the lake at Magic Kingdom. So sad our Disney time was over! We packed and loaded up and left the next morning. We went to walmart in Orlando on our way heading out of town so the kids could spend the last of their money and we could get a few groceries.

 While Michael was in the store with the kids letting them spend the last of the souvenir money, I went to the bathroom and found out about this surprise. Yes, in the walmart bathroom. When you gotta know, you gotta know. #momlife  :)

 We hit some debris from a semi truck going down the highway and the damage was so much that the RV had to be towed. The kids slept through everything happening. We had to leave Alan behind to wait for the tow and we went on to a hotel in the car. 

The next day we ended up leaving Nana and Cappy in Ocala to wait on the RV to get fixed. And we headed back to Oklahoma in their car. It was sad for the trip to end that way. We were grateful that we were all safe and for how well Alan handled the RV.

 Some rough times driving for all the hours!! So tired and grumpy!
Our last driving day went much better!
What an amazing trip!! It was exhausting, but we had an awesome time at Disney and made so many great memories.  Thanks so much Nana and Cappy!!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Magic Kingdom Day 2

We raced to MK first thing in the morning and got there just before they opened so we could get in line to meet Anna and Elsa. The first day we were there the wait times were 75-95 minutes. A friend had told me this was the way to do it, so we tried it and made it with just a 15 minute wait. Yay!

She was awestruck! 

Then when we came out from meeting them, Anastasia and Drizella were right outside. They were hilarious and made such a big deal of Isabella being Cinderella.

I loved all of the beautiful Christmas decorations!

The kids loved the dumbo ride- well that and any of the rides they could move up and down themselves. Benjamin wanted to ride the steam train again, and again and again.

 We got fast passes for the parade so we had a reserved spot under the big Christmas tree. 

Taking it all in. His look of concentration.

 Benjamin loved this "big dragon" that breathed fire.

The parade ended with the Minnie and Mickey float.
After the parade we went back for everyone to take a nap and eat dinner since we planned to have a late night with Magic Kingdom having magic hours that night.

The wishes show was awesome. And Isabella wished to have courage to not be afraid of the fireworks and she ended up really enjoying them. Wishes can come true. :)

With the park clearing out for magic hours we were able to ride several rides with little to no wait which was so fun. We rode the carousel again, peter pan's flight, the spinning tea cups, dumbo, and the winnie the pooh ride.

Goodnight Magic Kingdom!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Our next day was at Epcot. Nana booked a special princess breakfast for the girls that morning.  Isabella was so excited to get all dressed up for the day.

Belle was there when we first walked in and we took pictures with her and then we were shown to our table. 

The breakfast was great, and Isabella loved meeting the princesses and doing parades around the restaurant with them. What a special treat!Thanks Nana!

Afterward we met up with the boys and did some other things before we walked around the countries.

Benjamin watched the trains in Germany for over an hour while Isabella went to meet Mulan. (Too bad he uses his middle finger to point.)

Benjamin ended up crashing for a stroller nap after great sadness over having to leave the trains.

On the bus ride back to Fort Wilderness, the driver announced there was a princess on board when Isabella came on and gave her this massive ring. She was so pleased. Oh the Disney magic touches! :)