Monday, January 25, 2016

Magic Kingdom, Day 1

We spent the next day in Magic Kindgom. 

Waiting on the dock for our boat to take us to Magic Kingdom. Benjamin taking in the ride there.

Mary Poppins was close to the entrance, so we stopped for Isabella to get her autograph. She was totally in character and so nice.

She also met Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Merida.

 Its a small world boat ride!

 Holding hands with Nana.

We did a fast pass for Enchanted Tales with Belle. It was really fun and all the children get to play a role in the story if they want to, totally recommend doing this! Isabella was chosen to be the beast. Benjamin had gone back for a nap, so he wasn't there.

 Roaring at Belle
 Dancing with Belle. So sweet, I cried. :) 

We tried the pineapple whip, which I loved. And the Lefou's brew and cinnamon rolls at Gaston's tavern. 

 The castle!!

 We caught some of the parade.                                      And rode the spinning tea cups. My childhood favorite!
 Benjamin's favorite of the day, riding the steam train around Magic Kingdom. 

Riding the boat back after a long day. Tired, but so happy! :)  Magic Kindgom was totally magical, as corny as it is to say. We had a blast!

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