Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Our next day was at Epcot. Nana booked a special princess breakfast for the girls that morning.  Isabella was so excited to get all dressed up for the day.

Belle was there when we first walked in and we took pictures with her and then we were shown to our table. 

The breakfast was great, and Isabella loved meeting the princesses and doing parades around the restaurant with them. What a special treat!Thanks Nana!

Afterward we met up with the boys and did some other things before we walked around the countries.

Benjamin watched the trains in Germany for over an hour while Isabella went to meet Mulan. (Too bad he uses his middle finger to point.)

Benjamin ended up crashing for a stroller nap after great sadness over having to leave the trains.

On the bus ride back to Fort Wilderness, the driver announced there was a princess on board when Isabella came on and gave her this massive ring. She was so pleased. Oh the Disney magic touches! :)

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