Saturday, May 28, 2016

Some of our May

May was a busy and fun month.With the end of school coming, our family beach trip, birthdays, mother's day, and Michael's Africa trip there was much to plan for and we tried to have as much family time together as possible.
We went to frontier city a few times. The kids have found their favorite things to do when we go.
Benjamin loves this little train, and especially if he can sit in the front to be the "conductor" and ring the bell incessantly while it goes around. :)

Isabella and I attended the mother/daughter spa night at church. We had a fun evening and she enjoyed planning our matching outfits for the fashion show. We also went to Roxy's for ice cream afterward with Jillian and Heather and that was fun!

Mother's day morning out to breakfast.

Benjamin spent lots of time playing bubbles on the back porch.

I got an awesome coupon from zappos and got Isabella some saltwaters for just over $5! She's been so excited to have matching shoes with me.

Enjoying some after dinner backyard play time

She had her "Medals in May" where parents get to come in the gym and watch what all they do in their gymnastic classes. She had been excited about this day for weeks!

She's moving up to the 6 year old class now! 

We said goodbye to Michael for 12 days as he left on his Africa adventure. Isabella was quite tearful. 

Our first night with Dad gone, bedtime success. The evenings can be long when you're single parenting. Knowing that no one is coming to help with dinner, and bath time, and bed time and all the things that need to get done. But our first night went smoothly and that was a blessing to have happy hearts to start off our longest time without Dad.

We met my mom after the last day of school at the zoo and then my parents took us to cheesecake factory for dinner.

Playing tea party together. Also known as, making a huge mess with water everywhere...but they have a great time.

Michael sent us lots of pictures and updates from Kenya. This was a goat a village presented them with after a well was completed for them.

Benjamin's last day of mother's day out for the Spring. They had some special activities planned for the day. Here he is finishing up his letter B bread stick for lunch time.

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