Saturday, May 07, 2016

Benjamin turns 3!

We had fun celebrating our sweet boy for his third birthday! He wanted to have a Thomas birthday (which is also what he had for #2) and he was so excited about it. He woke up the morning of his party calling out, "its time for my thomas birthday!!!" He was very disappointed when he came out of his room and the party wasn't happening and his cupcakes weren't decorated. I hadn't realized, but he apparently thought it would be similar to Christmas morning. When he had been told his party was the next day he thought he'd come out of his bed to a party. Once I explained the party was in a little bit he was OK.
We had an assortment of Benjamin's favorite foods. Bacon, sausage, pigs in a blanket, strawberries, pretzels, and donut holes.

Choo choo!!

Mom came over a few days before and the kids helped decorate the #3 cookies she made.

He was suuuuper excited about his "Thomas nada", the pinata he had picked out. I was afraid he might be really upset when it got smashed to bits, but he was ok with it.

Yay!! Happy 3 Buddy!!

Playing with the bubble machine he got at his party.

His party was on a Saturday, but his actual birthday wasn't until Tuesday the next week. So we saved some family celebrating for his actual day.
Isabella woke up him the morning of his birthday. She was so excited for him to wake up and open his presents.

#3 Pancakes...he mostly just ate sausage! :)

After we picked up Isabella from school we went to oncue to get birthday icees. One of their favorite treats!

He wanted chicken nuggets for dinner. There was a threat of severe weather that evening so we went ahead and picked up the nuggets after we got icees to secure them since one time last spring chickfila closed and wouldn't serve people when there was severe weather. After dinner we sang one last time and he had a little bit of a cupcake left over from his party.

The next morning was his three year old well check. He was 35lbs and I forgot to catch his height, but in 70-80 percentiles for both. This year he has exploded with his language and been singing more and more. He tends to be more of an introvert than his sister, but loves spending time with family and his friends. He loves trains, diggers, seeing construction sites when we are out and about, putting things together and taking them apart, and having singing time with Izzy (which consists of listening to loud children's songs in her room and she gives him a stamp on his hand).
Happy three years Benjamin Gray! You are such a joy!

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