Friday, May 20, 2016

Last day of school and other milestones

 Isabella had her last day of PreK. It's hard to believe the year flew by as fast as it did! She loved going to school every day and often asks how much longer til she gets to stay all day. She made lots of friends and grew a few inches taller. She is excited for Kindergarten!

 In May she also lost her first tooth, well technically second tooth. But her first tooth that wasn't lost by a painful accident. :) It had been wiggly for a while, and fell out without her knowing it had happened. The tooth was no where to be found, but she was just so happy and relieved that there was no pain with the tooth coming out that she didn't seem to mind it couldn't be found.

She also had her first big hair chop. She had been asking for several months for a shorter cut. (It is a little shorter than this when its not straightened with her curly hair) I felt a little sad to see all that long hair go, but its much easier to brush at this length!

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