Sunday, August 16, 2015

Marval Weekend

We went to Marval for a marriage retreat before Isabella was born and Michael has wanted to go back ever since. We went this weekend on an RV camping trip with Cappy and Nana.

Art time with Nana

The river was freezing, but so refreshing.

We had s'mores...of course. :) Some serious s'mores eating going on.

Playing by the river in pjs while breakfast is being cooked. "Heavy rocks. Throw heavy rocks"- Benjamin said 100 times.

Trying to catch a tadpole in her net

Skipping rocks with Cappy

Golf cart rides!!

We floated the river, threw lots of rocks, played at the playground and splash pad, swam at the pool, played candyland, took lots of golf cart rides. Isabella didn't want to leave and asked if she could come back again another time. We had a great weekend! Thanks Nana and Cappy!

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