Monday, August 03, 2015


Making a village out of pool noodles and paper from her highlights magazine. And Benjamin in the background thinking he is being sneaky foraging in my bag for a mint.

We took the kids to see Inside Out. I wasn't quite ready to take Benjamin to a movie, he's much younger than Isabella was for her first movie. But we didn't have a babysitter for him and he did just fine. He was completely still and motionless for the first 25 minutes or so. I couldn't tell if he was terrified or just taking it all in. Some of the deeper themes were lots on the kids, but we all loved it!

Her vegetable garden getting some rain. 

We played at this park several times and Benjamin finally got the gumption to go all the way up to the twisty slide. And now he goes over and over and over the whole time we are there.

Asleep with a few of his favorite things...his plane, paci, blue blanket and the loose string on it that he holds while falling asleep...

My Aunt had some extra tickets to Mary Poppins and offered them to us.  It was a great show. Isabella remembered some of the songs. It was a little late and long for her. She got restless several times but then a song or scene would pull her in. The scenes were well done and flying characters were great. The next day she asked if we could go see it that night again. I look forward to more plays and shows with her!

Blanket capes have been a big thing around here lately. 

At the duck pond...
Benjamin's strategy is to eat a piece and throw a piece. 

We play ponies every. day.

Playing at the Thunder Fountain.

The kids shared a milkshake from Nic's after playing in the water. I was doing whole30, so I didn't have any. Whoo hoo!

On the last day of July we celebrated Cappy's birthday. Those kids LOVE their Cappy!

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