Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 17th-23rd

March 17th: This is a shot from the book "your baby in pictures" from the 9-12 month section. I realized he is almost 12 months and there are some I haven't done. (How is he almost one year?!) It is supposed to capture their chubby legs. I wish I would have done it a month or two ago as his legs have already started slimming down some since he's been crawling.

March 18th: I made sandwich bread again for the first time since having Benjamin. I need to find a less time intensive wheat bread recipe. Its just not something I can do every week at this point. But after rest time Isabella and I sat at the table together and enjoyed a piece warm out of the oven with a little bit of nutella...and it is SO good!

March 19th: We took a quick afternoon trip out to Pops for a pop and candy and some play time outside there.

March 20th: We did a couple activities to celebrate the first day of spring. One of them being making some spring sugar cookies. She finally figured out how to use the roller really well this time!

March 21st: Our Oklahoma adventure day

March 22nd: The sun beginning to rise on my Saturday morning run.

March 23rd: We surprised Isabella with an ice cream run in pajamas at bedtime for her 1/2 birthday.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Oklahoma Aventure to Meers and Mt Scott

One of my new years goals was to have 6 Oklahoma "experiences" this year. Now that its finally not 10 degrees all the time we can get started doing some! I've heard lots of rave reviews about Meers restaurant and had been wanting to try it out. And its close to Mt Scott, which I've never been to, so this was our first adventure. Michael's parents and Mema were able to join us, which made the trip even better! Paula made a scavenger hunt of things to look for on the drive down and while we were there along with prizes for finding things. So fun!

Michael's burger at Meers. It was huge! Mine was smaller and actually we thought it was better. It was a lot juicer!

 Oh my! I highly recommend the getting a cobbler, topped with a mountain of their delicious homemade vanilla ice cream. Ridiculous! The fries were nothing to rave about. We also got their fried green tomatoes, which I didn't think were that good. But I had a vanilla dr pepper in an icy mason jar that was delicious and the burger and dessert were great!

The burgers are made from their grass fed longhorns raise without added hormones- which is a big plus to me!

We got there before noon and didn't have to wait too long to be sat at a table. But when we left the line was wrapped inside and out the door! Crazy!

After lunch we drove to the Holy City of the Wichitas on the wild life refuge. They conduct the nation's longest running Easter passion play every year.

Benny and Cappy

We drove around the refuge and saw prarie dogs, long horn cattle, and buffalo roaming!!

Our family at the top of Mt Scott. The 2nd highest elevation in Oklahoma.

Best buds!

Isabella said: "It's the ocean Mom! And we are climbing! Just like in California!!"
 Kind of... :)  The views were really pretty from the top and looking out it didn't look like we were in Oklahoma at all!

It was such a fun day and I definitely recommend going if you get the chance!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 3rd-16th

March 3rd- She wanted her ponies to go outside and make snow tracks. So much cold weather this winter!

March 4th- At the farmer's market in Monterey

March 5th- Jelly fish at the aquarium in Monterey and the boys in their matching pjs.

March 6th- Hiking at Point Lobos

 All from March 7th- I need to narrow down a favorite.  The lone cypress, fisherman's wharf, sunset at the beach by Em's house.

March 8th- Breakfast at Katy's place in Carmel

March 9th- We saw two hot air balloons driving out to our friend's house.

 March 10th- Benjamin sleeping at night

March 11th- Evening park time alone with Isabella.

March 12th- Evening walk just Benjamin and me

March 13-Afternoon tea party

March 14th-We had a really fun date night! We went to eat in the plaza district not knowing it was Live on the Plaza. There were bagpipe performers in the street and several other musicians. We ate at The Mule, had pie from pie junkie to celebrate national pie day, and salted caramel ice cream from Roxy's. So good!! Many thanks to Nana and Cappy our babysitters for the night!

March 15th- Peeking through the door to this scene. Her covered in bubbles and him laughing and laughing with her. So sweet.

March 16th- Benjamin looking so big in his little bible class seat.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

California, pt 2

 Friday morning we took some family pictures for each other. Being the ones taking the pictures, we don't have many with us in them. So I was happy to get a few!

Then we headed out on 17 mile drive. There were several places to park and get out. I got out at some by myself and took some pictures and then we all got out at some places and let the kids run around.

The views were incredible! The colors of the water, the wild life, the weather! I could have stayed all day!

Seal rock- covered in hundreds of seals!

Can you spot the seal?

 There were these pesky squirrels at one stop that had been fed too many times by people so they were fearless in coming up to you to see if you had food. Eeeks!

The lone cypress at Pebble Beach

After the drive we headed to fisherman's wharf. We walked around the wharf and let the kids pick out a treat from one of the candy shops.

Then that evening we raced to the beach by their house to make it for the end of the golden hour. I love the ocean. I could just stay and stay watching.

Isabella was too busy climbing all over the sand dunes that she didn't want to stop to be in a picture. When I got her ready for her bath that night an enormous amount of sand came out of her pants and shoes! :)

 It was really such a great day!

Saturday morning Tim kept all 5 of kids alone so we could go to breakfast alone!! What a treat! :) We went to Carmel for breakfast, I'd love to spend a few days visiting there! 

Then we loaded up and headed to the airport. Our travel day home was several hours longer than our trip there. 
The kids were troopers! Isabella crashed as we were landing into to LA. We didn't get off there we just had a stop for other people to get on. She stayed asleep through our descent and take off there and part of the was to Phoenix. She had a lot of fun having friends to play with every day!

 Playing ponies in the airport and looking a little travel weary.

The last leg was a little rough for Benjamin, he was so tired but wouldn't fall asleep. 
We made it home around 9:45. Isabella went running to Michael in the airport she was really happy to see him. It was so sweet. It was good to all be in our own beds that night. I was so happy we were able to make the trip, and so sad it was over!