Tuesday, November 26, 2013

7 Months

How is my baby 7 months??!!

 This is not a good picture, but I post it for the streams of drool coming from his mouth...are teeth coming?!?!?

You still sleep with your hands over your head sometimes like you always did when you were a tiny baby. I love it! At 7 months you are sitting up really well. It seems you don't like to lay down to play anymore because you'd rather be sitting up. You seem to have the mechanics of eating down really well. You really like apples, pears, and prunes. You gag when I feed you sweet potatoes. You kind of like sweet peas and bananas. Recently I mixed carrots and apples together and you liked that much better than carrots by themselves. Your sleep has been all over the place. Sleeping through the night one night, waking up three times the next night, two the next...who knows what you will do! Its a little bit exhausting! You seem to have settled into a morning nap about an hour and a half after you wake up, an afternoon nap about two hours after you wake up from the first, then usually a 45 minute or so nap in the evening if we are home or somewhere where you can nap. You have begun to make a reaching motion for me with your arms when you want me to pick you up, and have gotten a lot better at reaching for and picking up toys. You like to chew on toys and bang them on things. When you aren't tired, hungry, or your mouth is hurting- you continue to be a really content, happy baby. That has been such a blessing!
I love you so much my sweet, blue eyed boy!!

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