Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Spring weather has been all over the place. An ice storm last week. 80's, 50's, lows in the 30's then back the 70's. But as far as wrapping up a pregnancy goes, I'll take this weather over the record days of straight 100's I had with Isabella's pregnancy.

We had a picnic on one of the nice days and played at the park until it was nap time.

Then on one of the cooler days we had lunch indoors and played at the "mountains" also known as the fountains. And although we hadn't been to this mall in a long time, Isabella said "we had lunch here with Mimi when it was Christmas time." I'm amazed at what she remembers sometimes.

The questions I get the most these days are "how are you feeling?" and "are you so ready to have that baby?"
 I get a lot of other comments and questions...many of which are so ridiculous and rude its amazing to me what people say without even thinking. Things you would never say to a person who wasn't pregnant, but it is somehow acceptable to say to a pregnant person...filters people- find them. That's a whole other post, though. But people are also extra kind and helpful too- like the girl at walmart last night who closed her lane after checking me out (I was the only person in it) and walked with me out to my car insisting on putting the bags in my car, despite me telling her she didn't need to do that. (Granted this was after she commented I was so big I should be at home on bed rest, but she totally went out of her way to be helpful.)
Anyway- how am I feeling? I feel well most of the time. Other than during the day I find myself slowing down faster and feeling more tired, I feel fine. I have some bad acid reflux sometimes. At night...I'm pretty miserable after a couple of hours it is impossible to be comfortable to sleep. And sometimes I'm just awake and can't sleep. But there are much worse things.
39 weeks
Am I ready? I don't even know how to answer this question in a short manner. Because, as I learned last time, the truth, is the time can come whether you're ready or not. Expectations are a big thing to me, and this is something that I have a ballpark for, but no exact timing of when it will be. Am I ready to meet my son? Of course. I can't wait to know him, see him, hold him, and soak him in. I am ready to not be carrying a full term person inside of my body. My hospital bag is packed with a list of the last minute things I'll need to add in. Michael and I had a great last pre-baby date... But, on the other hand there are plenty of things I would like to see through before he comes. I'm hosting a shower this weekend, going to a birthday party, wrapping up a couple of things at work, we haven't painted his room- or even purchased the paint, his bedding isn't ready, along with a host of other things on my constant to-do list. Yet at the same time, if I went into labor tonight, there is nothing I'd like to have done that won't be OK to wait on or will be taken over by someone else. So I guess I can be ready if needed to be, but I'm great with more time too.

Isabella and I have had some great days this past week, and I've loved just enjoying her. She has been cheerful, singing funny songs, and saying all kinds of new things. And while I'm somewhat anxious about how she will transition to having a sibling, I can't wait to see them together.  At bed time when we read books she says, "I fit in your lap better after Ben-german comes?" :) I told her that once a few weeks ago and now she always says it. We are both looking forward to her fitting in my lap better again. Maybe if I make it through the weekend, I'll feel more ready for it to happen any time, but for now I'm just trying to set my expectations that whenever it happens it will be the right time.

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  1. Great post! I need those reminders myself these days. So excited to meet sweet Benjamin when he gets here, but love your outlook on being patient until he does! :) I'm going to go reassess my induction plan now. (Not really...I can't take this pregnancy rash much longer!!)