Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter fun

 We have done something Easter related every day this week so far.  I am confident by the time Easter is over Isabella will be an egg hunting pro. Although so far there hasn't been much hunting involved, its more like egg gathering.
 Michael's parents did an egg hunt for her Monday night. She was excited.

Checking out her eggs. 

Probably her favorite thing from her Easter basket! Very fun!
Tuesday night, Michael's brother organized an egg dying night at our house.
 He brought everything we needed for dinner and the egg coloring, all we did was preheat our oven to cook pizza. It was great!

Isabella has blackish/green fingernails from putting her hands in the egg dyes. :) She didn't remember about dying eggs from last year but got the hang of it really fast.

 Checking out her eggs.

I love all of the colors! 

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