Wednesday, March 27, 2013

celebrating Benjamin Gray

My sweet friends hosted a shower for Benjamin this past weekend. Everything was so cute, and I felt so loved, especially as each host has something big going on in their life right now, for the time they spent on me. 

(She told a few people as they arrived "welcome to my birthday party!")

I was  distracted and didn't take a ton of pictures, but it was great time (despite me feeling awkward about opening gifts with everyone just watching). We were gifted with so many fun, special, and practical things. It is exciting to look at the tiny boy clothes and imagine the little boy who will wear them! I am thankful to all of the family and friends that came to celebrate with us. 

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  1. It was a fun day with fun girls! Love getting to be a part of these special events for one another. Baby Showers. Check. That means one step closser to being ready for these boys!!