Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Highlights

Highlights of our weekend are as follows:
-Having lunch with one of my cousins I haven't seen in many months.
-Michael's beautiful Fridays have started for the summer where can pick two fridays a month to work a 1/2 day.
-We FINALLY saw the most recent Harry Potter movie. It did creep me out in some parts, but it was really good. Glad we barely saw it in time for the second part coming out this summer!
-Isabella has been spinning in 360's, rolling like a pro, but still not quite crawling. It will be soon.

-Michael said it was time to lower her crib to the middle setting before we go in some morning and find her standing. I allowed the twinge of sadness to wash over, the same I feel when I pack away her tiny clothes and pull out bigger ones, before I moved on. Each stage is full of new joys.

-I had my last mother's day celebration with my family, at my S-I-L's annual MOAB (mother of a brunch). My mom was out of town for mother's day this year, and Michael's is still out of the country. So it was a weird mother's day being that I was the Mom celebrated this year and we didn't see our Mom's. It still feels like it should be about my mom. Michael did many things to make me feel special over the weekend, but I missed my Mom. We did celebrate with pedicures before her trip. Anyway, the brunch was great as usual, and my parents gave me a plant that I hope to be able to keep alive! :)

-We headed out to the zoo Saturday evening hoping to catch a peek at Malee the new baby elephant. Malee was the name I had voted for!

Isabella checking out the elephants.
We only had to wait in line about 18 minutes. Asha and Chandra pretty much guarded Malee the whole time. When she walked, they walked with her on both sides. Malee was so cute!! I hope they will start spending more time outside soon and we can see them better.

We love the zoo!

Isabella in the nursery class.
Isabella has been coming to class with us on Sunday mornings, but she is starting to get too loud and restless. So today she went to the nursery class like such a big girl! (Ah...crib lowered, nursery class, sitting up on her own...she's growing up so fast! :)

Isabella at our dinner picnic.
-We ended our weekend with a picnic with the young adults class from church. It was a bit chilly, but fun to be outside!
Happy Weekend! Have a great week!

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