Saturday, May 14, 2011

List update

I have checked off the list "go through the boxes in the garage". We significantly reduced the amount of stuff we had in there and Michael reorganized everything. Some of it went to Good Will, some was trash, and then I had a garage sale with my best friend from 5th grade.

Our load to Good Will after the sale.
I know some people think garage sales are a hassle, but I got rid of lots of stuff, made $130 to go toward our summer vacation, and had fun spending time with a friend. So it was a win in my book! (And many thanks to Callie for hosting and doing a big part of the work for the garage sale. I decided a nursing mom is the worst person to have a garage sale with, as they will show up late depending on when the baby wakes up, and leave you to go feed the baby.)

We went on a date to the Paseo Grill. We had a Seize the Deal coupon of $20 for $50 worth of food. Food was great and the dessert was even better! We did not get seated in one of the curtained booths, but those looked fun. Check off new restaurant 7 of 10.

-For our 8th place we tried ND foods right by our house. Our food was nothing special (sandwiches), but their cupcakes were A-Mazing! Some of their other foods looked good and we may need to give them another try with different food or different sandwiches.

-I memorized two new verses.

-I did not read any books, which is 1. very sad and 2. really puts me behind on my goal of 30 books! Luckily, at the end of this month we leave on vacation with my family and I usually can read several books in one week. We will see if it is different with a baby this year!

I am looking forward to summer coming, enjoying some of our family rituals, and accomplishing the things on my list that are summer activities!

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